Next Meeting Sunday 19th September

Next Site Meeting Sunday 19th September
10:30 in the Clubhouse

All welcome.
There will be a vote on continuing being apart of North Walsall  Allotments Association or to go self managed.

By continuing being apart of NWAA will mean all rents collected will go to NWAA to be used as the NWAA wishes.

By going self managed all rents collected will stay with Grenfell Road Allotments to spend on our site alone.

It will create more administration for Grenfell Road Committee-paying our own insurance and water, but plot holders will see little difference in the
day to day running.

If plot holders do not attend the meeting their vote will be accepted as wishing to go self managed.


Plot holders are allowed on site but must stay on their plots and keep the government recommended distance of 2 metres apart from other plot holders. Under no circumstances are children to be allowed to roam around the site, failure to comply with these strict measures will result in instant termination of their tenancy.