Next Site Meeting

Don’t forget to put the next site meeting in your diary.

It is on Saturday 7th June at 10:30.

Please note it will be in Little Bloxwich School as last time.

Everyone Welcome



Do You Want To Be On TV?

If you didn’t fancy taking part in the last request for participants in ‘The ‘Big Allotment Challenge’ here’s another opportunity to appear on television in something a little different.

Hi There!  

I understand we contacted you recently regarding  BBC2’s The Big Allotment Challenge. We are currently developing a new primetime gardening series with a working title ‘Garden Republic’ for one of the UK’s major broadcasters and wanted to send you the information in case you may be interested.

The series will follow a group of neighbouring home-owners who will each expand their individual gardens by banishing fences to allow for one large communal garden, to be shared by the neighbours. We hope the residents will work together to create a space that none of them could ever dream of owning individually and, with the help of gardening experts, transform their small plots into a beautiful space the whole community can enjoy… a real life Garden of Eden!!

The home-owners will be guided, helped and mentored by one of Britain’s biggest gardening names, working together to decide on what their perfect garden will include – from creating a stunning rose garden, to tending chickens, growing a fruit orchard , or constructing a giant children’s play area. The series will be a celebration of both gardening and good old British community spirit!

We are looking for a group of neighbours (with back gardens) to take part in the series and would really appreciate it if you could send out our flyer to your database /newsletter.

Thanks very much for all your help, I really appreciate it,

Felicity Rankin

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