Well Done Bill

First the good news –
Congratulations to Bill Cox for winning ‘Best in Show 2016’

Now the bad news –
Rents are due this month. If you haven’t paid by the 30th of September this could be taken as that you are no longer interested in keeping on your plot and it can be reallocated to someone on the waiting list.Money (1)

Next Site Meeting

Hope everyone can make it to the site meeting tomorrow Saturday 8th August at 10:30. It should be in the new meeting room, the container at the top of the site, when we can admire Tom’s hard work painting it when the weather was so hot. If there is anything you like or don’t like regarding Grenfell this is the time to say it.


Disclaimer – Container may not look exactly like this!

No Meeting Today 11th July 2015

As there is nothing that needs to be discussed urgently, plus a lot of the regular attendees being away, Tom has postponed the meeting until next month. This will be on the 8th August and hopefully in the new venue  the container that thanks to Tom is now painted inside.

All plot holders are asked to be as frugal as they can with the water as the last bill was for over £300. Everyone is reminded that sprinklers are NOT allowed on the site.Image11

Big Centre TV “The Wellies”

vanBack at the start of February I put up an email we had received from Big Centre TV regarding participating in a gardening/growing programme they were making. I gave the contact details but I don’t know if anyone actually did?

I have just heard from Des Tong that the first programme goes out tomorrow. It’s called “The Wellies” and is on at 10:30 Wednesday morning on Freeview Channel 8 which is between BBC3 and BBC4 (I had to update channels to get it to appear)